Layer Slider

LayerSlider is the favorite parallax effect slider of the World. It is highly customizable and it has a stunning admin user interface.

5 displaying modes

You can use layer slider in 5 diffrent display modes: normal, responsive, full-width, full-width + responsive & full-width + responsiveUnder. Responsive modes come with smart resizing feature

Unlimited variations of animations

sliding from / to 4 directions or fading in / out (sublayers only) with countless easing types and sublayers can slide or fade out before other sublayers appear

WYSIWYG editor with live preview

Test and see slider animations directly in admin panel before publish. with export / import and duplicating / disabling sliders, layers and sublayers features

Any HTML content

You can add any kind of html content as layers on slides. including images, embedded videos, text, forms & flash

Cross browsers

It doesn't matter where you see the Layer Slider, It will work on all major browsers and devices.

Touch support

Layer slider works great in both desktops and devices. You can navigate by touch swipe on touch devices.