Cute Slider

Cute Slider is a unique and easy to use slider with awesome 3D and 2D transition effects, captions, 4 ready to use templates, video (youtube and vimeo) support and more impressive features which written with pure object oriented javascript. It has easy to implement and search engine optimized html markup.

Fully Responsive

Cute Slider is responsive, this mean's it has a high functionality on wide range of screen sizes (mobile, tablet and desktop screens) . It can adapt itself to any screen sizes for achieving best viewing case.

Amazing 3D & 2D Effects

Cute Slider gives you what you desire,you can use it as an advanced 2D slider with tons of 2D transitions, or add third dimension to your slider and create a unique and impressive 3D slider.

3 Fallback Levels

Cute Slider takes advantage of best available browser features. It uses CSS3 Transform 3D in webkit-based browsers, in other HTML5 support browsers, it takes canvas feature and in old browsers it switches to 2D mode.

Cross Browser

You don't have to worry. It doesn't matter where you see the Cute Slider, It will work in any PCs with any browsers, Tablets and Mobile devices with the best possible viewing method. It works!

+100 Preset Transitions

More transitions, more variety! It's like cooking! Cute Slider brings you lots of preset transitions, lots of spices! So let's create a new taste. What is your slider taste?!

Fully customizable

You have the ability to customize each part of slider You can modify colors, dimensions, positions,... It has everything you need, to make your desire image slider.